A product of a Rebel and a Revolution and the music reflects it. Marcus Blanco has been an M.C./Poet since he was 5 years old and has always been about making impeccable quality music. From hosting his own radio show, to hosting and performing at countless events, to graduating from prestigious art schools, Duke Ellington School Of The Arts in Washington, D.C. and Columbia College Chicago, in Chicago, IL, , M.A.B. is about evolving the story-telling and poetic principles of Hip-Hop. With the fusion of astrological, philosophical, self-affirmative content, his lyrics are meant to give the listenter a sense of position inside the music, in which they are no longer the audience, but a part of the context. M.A.B. speaks on life from various points of views and can give any listener a reality of the Modern American Culture. 

Transforming narrow views of social acceptance on a personal level into a broader vision, in which everyone can meaningfully participate, to a more sharing society, one beyond the present level of a divided humanity. M.A.B.'s biggest mission in life is to transcend the mind and the mentality of people. The music is a form of upliftment to fans and living proof of man controlling his reality and making it everything he wants it to be. To live, you must love; you must aspire for the greatest and most honorable rewards that will connect to your heart. To Live You Must Dream, therefore M.A.B. and everyone who listens #DreamOrDie

How Music, Chakras, & Your Spirt All Coexist